July 20, 2024

Watch Garth Brooks Expertly Handle an Onstage Spill

Garth Brooks still has it.

After turning an onstage spill into an acrobatic moment, Garth Brooks has proven he still has it.

The country star is in the middle of a comeback after more than a decade away from music (for the most part), so there’s understandably some rust he has to shake off.

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On Sept. 12, in a show in Rosemont Ill., Brooks leapt from a riser on stage, but misjudged the landing. Still, he didn’t fall flat — he executed a couple of rolls and recovered himself near the edge of the stage.

Then he got up and adjusted his cowboy hat. Pro.

Country singers have been battling with their stages lately: Luke Bryan fell off a stage (again) on Aug. 30. After that show, Bryan tweeted, “Hell I gotta just pay more attention.”

When he’s not in the gym practicing his acrobatic jumps, Brooks has been busy lately. He released a new single, “People Loving People,” which has been earning radio play. He also started a digital music partnership called Ghosttunes, where you can purchase his entire catalog.

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