Good News For Black Sabbath…

With a total of 19 albums, Black Sabbath’s discography has a whole bunch of underrated gems. And according to Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, there’s an entire album that he feels is way better than its standard reputation among rock fans.

With Tony Iommi remaining the sole original member throughout all the stylistic and personnel changes, there’s a lot to choose from.

The talk about this record came up during a chat with Qobuz where Dickinson discussed his favorite rock and metal records.

When it comes to Black Sabbath, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” was his pick, but he brought up a few others while discussing the band’s works. Reflecting on the 1973 record, he said (via Blabbermouth):

“I was a kid and got this album, and I was still a virgin, which made me open it up and go, ‘Oh, my God. Look at those women.’ But what a great record. What a great album. What a great comeback album.”

“But, yeah, the first two records are amazing,” he continued. “Well, no, I mean, ‘Vol. 4’ was incredible as well. What a consistent band. And it’s Geezer and Tony. I mean, if you look at all the people, all the different vocalists, not just Ozzy, they’ve all been [great].”

Discussing the matter, he also reflected on the divisive 1983 album “Born Again.” Featuring Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan on vocals, this one often got some weird reactions, mostly due to its mix and the unusual pick for a Sabbath singer. Dickinson offered:

“‘Born Again’ — great album. Everybody goes, ‘Oh, forget that one.’ No, it’s a great album.”

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