July 14, 2024

Barry Bonds should never get into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Bonds so fundamentally altered his physical composition as to gain a significant competitive advantage. By using performance enhancing drugs, he took jobs away from younger deserving players while also bringing the game of baseball into disrepute and undermining its competitive spirit. The case against his induction is so compelling that to cast a vote supporting his Hall of Fame candidacy represents an abdication of moral responsibility, while doing a profound disservice to the game many of us love.

Back in 2020, Forbes contributor Christian Red wrote about Bonds’ use of PEDs. He spoke to Matt Parrella, who was the Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of California and the lead prosecutor in Bonds’ 2011 perjury and obstruction of justice trial in San Francisco. When asked if Bonds used PEDs, Parrella responded rather sharply.

“Did he use steroids? The evidence is incontrovertible,” Parrella said. “It’s scientifically certain, and corroborated by the surrounding facts and circumstances.”

Red also spoke to Jeff Novitzky, who was the criminal investigator lead agent in the BALCO case. In addressing both Bonds and Roger Clemens, Novitsky left no doubt that Bonds used PEDs.

“If the Hall of Fame voters are taking into account whether or not Bonds and Clemens intentionally doped, which I assume they are from past votes, there is no question that they did.” Novitsky said.

As per ESPN, court documents as part of Bonds’ perjury trial revealed the following claims:

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