July 21, 2024

Zach Bryan’s Dad Takes Nasty Fall Off Stage During “Revival” In Bunny Costume

During a stop on his Quittin’ Time tour over the weekend in Belmont Park, New York at UBS Arena, Zach Bryan’s dad took a nasty fall off of the stage during “Revival.”

A TikTok user shared footage of the incident earlier, which shows Dewayne Bryan in Ralphie-style bunny costume (since these shows were on Easter weekend), and as he’s walking around, it seems as though he wasn’t watching his step as he kind of stepped on the edge of the stage.

He then slips and looks like kinda hits his head on the ground before falling all the way off the stage, and not gonna lie… it looks like it hurt and probably left a mark:

And apparently, he was okay, as he got back up there and finished out the song (along with a few other bunnies):

Zach Bryan has closed out each show of his Quttin’ Time tour by bringing out an honored guest onstage for his 2020 hit “Revival.” At the Belmont Park, New York show Sunday (March 31,) it was the Easter Bunny himself — or rather, the country star’s dad dressed in costume. Concertgoers got an extra, less pleasant surprise when Dewayne Bryan took a nasty fall.

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