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He has been called the voice of romance, the angel of pop, and the king of ballads. He has sold over 360 million records worldwide and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He has also been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. He has recorded almost 100 albums and has over 200 singles in various genres, from jazz to country to disco. He is the legendary Johnny Mathis, and he is now almost 90 years old. Today, we will reveal the awe-inspiring life story and legacy of one of the most beloved singers that ever walked this Earth.

Meet Johnny Matthys—more than just a name, he’s the melody that echoes through the history of music. Born on September 30, 1935, he’s the fourth among seven siblings to Clem Matys and Mildred Boyd. In the heart of his humble beginnings, Matthys, an African- American with a touch of Native American roots from his mom’s side, shaped his journey.

The family set its roots on 32nd Avenue in San Francisco, where little Johnny’s story would

unfold. But it wasn’t just any story; it was a rhythm waiting to be discovered.

Clem Matys, a former Vaudeville singer and pianist, saw something special in his son—a

musical spark that needed nurturing. So, at the age of five, Clem made a move that would

change everything. He got Johnny an old upright piano for a mere $25, a small fortune back then, which is about $416 today.

However, life threw them a curveball—the piano wouldn’t fit through the door. Now, this is


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