HEART BREAKING NEWS: Victoria Osteen Declare Her Divorce Due To Some Devastating…

Televangelist Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria have been married since 1987. They are pastors in the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas and have been blessed with two children.

The two are among the richest pastors in the world. Osteen has had to devote much of his career to dispelling rumours about his personal life over the past two years.

Is there any truth to the rumours that Joel and Victoria Osteen are divorced?

Victoria and Joel have been married for over 30 years, despite claims that the two split years ago. Victoria has stood by Joel throughout the years as his fame grew and his ministry expanded. As a result, she was made his co-pastor.

But is Victoria leaving Lakewood? There was once a rumour that Victoria and Joel were quitting the ministry to start selling beauty products.

However, this was a false rumour that only intended to tarnish their reputation. Joel and Victoria Osteen’s wedding took place on 4 April 1987, and the couple is still together. Therefore, the rumour concerning their breakup was just a mere rumour.

Is Joel Osteen divorced? There is no evidence to substantiate these claims, and both Joel and Victoria have denied them publicly.

One possible source of the rumour is the celebrity status of the couple and the scrutiny that comes with it. Joel and Victoria have a large fan base and are frequently in the public eye, making them susceptible to rumours and speculation about their personal lives.

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