Who Missed This Legend RB (Christine Michael)…

Christine Michael scored the first touchdown in 5 years at Dome of …

As far as titles for resurgent preseasons go, The Awakening feels like it’s pulled straight from a Hollywood movie set.

That’s because it is, so which one better describes what we’re seeing from Seattle Seahawks running back Christine Michael: Dominic West’s version with the child ghost, or the evil-spirit version starring Charlton Heston?

Let’s go with neither. Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell was describing a different sort of supernatural phenomenon when he told ESPN.com’s Sheil Kapadia that Michael is experiencing “an awakening.”

He was referring to a running back who has brushed the dirt off himself and dug his career free from its deep grave. At a position where talent is beaten up, pummeled by a physical gauntlet and then often tossed aside, it’s rare to see a runner realize his potential while entering his fourth season.

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