July 14, 2024

3 takeaways from another Nebraska football collapse

Nebraska football lost another game in brutal fashion and here are three takeaways for the Huskers.

For a brief moment on Saturday night, you actually thought that Nebraska football was going to win and get to a bowl game.

The Huskers led 14-0 after all. Chubba Purdy looked like an actual quarterback and for one quarter at least, Nebraska looked like a competent football team.

But after watching a bunch of defensive breakdowns, missed tackles, a missed field goal, poor punts, and what seems like countless other mistakes, Nebraska football did what it always seems to do — found a way to lose.

Nebraska was up 14-0 on a team that was down on its luck. But instead of stepping on its throat, it allowed Wisconsin to get back into the game and win. Twice in overtime, Nebraska had the Badgers, maybe the worst offense outside of Nebraska in the league in the last month, in third-and-long and twice allowed conversions.

Or at least enough yards to convert a fourth-and-one that essentially gave the game to Wisconsin. You knew once the ball crossed the end zone, the Huskers were done. They hadn’t scored a touchdown since the first quarter and they could probably play three, four, or five more quarters before they got another.

Can this team get off the mat after that? It’s hard to see how. Here are three takeaways.


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