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‘I felt instantly attracted to him’: Stay-at-home mum insists her Noddy Holder doppelganger husband, 60, is ‘gorgeous’ (even though he is mistaken for their son’s GRANDFATHER)

Michelle Macpherson, 28, from Scotland married Jerry Fielden, 60, from Canada

After meeting online they married in 2010 and have since had a child together

They often have to correct people who think that Jerry is their son’s grandfather   

Jerry is often told by passers-by that he is the spitting image of Noddy Holder

A woman who is married to a Noddy Holder doppelganger, 32 years her senior, often has to correct strangers when they think her husband is their child’s grandfather.

They met in person in Michelle’s hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2008 after spending two years bonding over the band Deep Purple online.

She says she felt ‘instantly attracted’ to Jerry, who is from Quebec in Canada and would later become her first boyfriend, after falling for his ‘nice eyes’, smile, and curly hair.

His tresses, which Michelle says draws countless compliments, also led to him being compared to ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ hitmaker Noddy Holder of the band Slade.

Michelle Macpherson, 28, never thought a relationship with Jerry Fielden, 60, would last when saw each other for the first time ten-years-ago.

The couple’s 32-year age gap was initially disapproved of by Michelle’s family, but they got married in 2010 and say over times things have changed – especially as next year will be their 10th as a couple.

The loved-up pair, who have son Gillan, six, say the only corrections they have to make is people confusing Jerry for their son’s grandfather.

Michelle, a stay-at-home-parent, said: ‘I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out at first, but it did, we are happily married and have our son together, so I’m glad we tried.

Before meeting face to face, we had sent pictures back and forth to one another, so we weren’t surprised about our ages, he never lied about his age and really I was shocked by how great he looked.

‘I felt instantly attracted and connected to him, he has nice eyes, a gorgeous smile and incredible curly hair that he’s always getting compliments for.

‘Jerry has been compared to Noddy Holder in the past, it’s not something we take too seriously, we just laugh it off and play along

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