July 14, 2024

Eric Clapton Opens His Concert With Guitar Adorned With The Palestinian Flag

Eric Clapton opened his concert with a guitar adorned with the Palestinian flag.

Clapton is a legendary guitarist known for his profound influence on rock and blues.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli army has issued a threat to fully invade the Palestinian city of Rafah, which is currently the last place of refuge for those displaced in the Gaza Strip.

S p r i n t e r F a m i l y on X: "Eric Clapton plays his guitar with a Palestinian flag in Lucca, Italy https://t.co/TTnjmGgJGk" / X
Since the start of the ground operation on October 7, the citizens have been asked to evacuate from the northern and central areas of the strip and move towards the south, which is considered a “safe area”.

Despite this, thousands of people remain trapped under the rubble due to the continuous bombing, and the situation is further compounded by the stifling blockade and severe restrictions on the entry of vital aid and fuel, which is necessary to alleviate the catastrophic humanitarian conditions.

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