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Tim McGraw Reveals the Unexpected Family Heirloom He Received from a Man Who’s Never Heard His Music

Tim McGraw isn’t the only star in his family. His late father, Tug McGraw was a relief pitcher in the MLB from 1965 to 1984. He was with the New York Mets when they won the World Series in 1969 and the Philadelphia Phillies when they won it in 1980. He is a member of the New York Mets Hall of Fame and the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame. During a recent meet and greet, a fan brought Tim a box of his father’s memorabilia.

McGraw shared a video of the heartwarming interaction on Instagram in celebration of Father’s Day. “So, I was at my meet and greet the other night and this guy came in with this big box. The first thing he said was, ‘I don’t know any of your music but I’m a big fan of your dad’s,’” McGraw said, introducing a clip of the interaction. “I’ve never heard a song of yours, I’m not a country and western fan. But I loved your dad,” the man tells him.

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Tim McGraw Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane

The box contained a treasure trove of memorabilia. For instance, there was an album full of baseball cards including the elder McGraw’s rookie cards. Additionally, the box contained a vinyl record that showcased some of the highlights of the Phillies’ World Series win.

While going through the album, McGraw focused on a photo of his father. Taken moments after Tug McGraw threw the game-winning pitch at the 1980 World Series, the photo shows the entire team gathered around him on the pitcher’s mound. One teammate, Mike “Schmidty” Schmidt is jumping on McGraw’s back.

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