July 14, 2024

Aussie basketball player’s search for his car crash ‘guardian angel’

Sydney Kings basketball player Jason Cadee is searching for the “mystery guardian angel” who came to his aid following a horrific car crash years ago.

Cadee was just 18 years old when his car was hit by a semi-trailer on his journey home from a friend’s house in Sydney’s west on July 12, 2010.

He was lucky to escape with just a broken pelvis.

“So I was sitting on a freeway driving home from a mate’s house … and next thing I know I was pushed off the road on the M7 sitting on the medium strip which was all gravel,” Cadee says in a video shared on Facebook by the Sydney Kings.

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“As I tried to come back on … the back wheels spun out, planted on the inside lane, turned to my right and here comes a semi-trailer, just pummeled me.”

When Cadee regained consciousness he was trapped in his Holden. A stranger sat with him for 90 minutes comforting him and keeping him calm.

“I woke up and she was in the car,” he recalls.

“She had come across from the other side of the freeway, so she had parked and come across two moving lanes, she sat in the car and just comforted me. As soon as I woke up obviously I freaked out, and was like, what’s going on, where am I, can I get out of here. She just sat there and told me, you’re going to be all right, the ambulance is on their way, you’re fine, just relax.”

Cadee hasn’t seen or spoken to her since that day. But now, six and a half years later, he wants to find the woman who comforted him when he was scared and alone.

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