July 14, 2024

Sir Elton John and ex-wife Renate Blauel resolve divorce contract dispute

Sir Elton John and ex-wife Renate Blauel resolved £3m legal dispute over an agreement not to talk about their marriage publicly

Sir Elton John and his ex-wife Renate Blauel have finally resolved a reported £3m legal dispute and  agreed that they would not talk about their marriage publicly.

Ms Blauel – who accused the singer  of ‘repeated and flagrant’ breaches of the agreement in his memoir ‘Me’ and the biopic ‘Rocketman’, asked for an injunction to stop future disclosures from Sir Elton, as well as £3m in damages and costs.

Sir Elton , according to her ex-wife, broke an agreement the pair made when they divorced after four years of marriage in 1988, and had caused her to suffer mental health problems. The couple’s marriage was depicted in the biopic ‘Rocketman’, released in 2019.

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Announcing they had resolved the dispute, a spokesman for Sir Elton said: “The parties are happy to announce that they have resolved this case, in a way that acknowledges Renate’s need for privacy.

“For her part, Renate acknowledges that Elton has acted in a dignified and respectful way towards her in the last 30 years and has been always happy to help her. They will not be discussing each other, or their marriage, in future and will be making no further comment about the case.”

At the time of the couple’s split, the pair had signed a contract which included a clause preventing either of them from discussing their marriage or the reasons for their separation.

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