BREAKING NEWS: 49ers QB and four other players announces their departure

The 49ers’ hopes of signing Brock Purdy to a long-term contract extension in 2025 likely became significantly more expensive Thursday after fellow quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s reported agreement with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Lawrence, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, reportedly came to terms with the Jaguars on a five-year, $275 million extension with $200 million guaranteed, and joins Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow as the NFL’s two highest-paid players with an average salary of $55 million per year.

Prior to Lawrence’s new deal, some believed Purdy would receive an offer in the $40 million-per-year range, but the market now has gone up, and the Iowa State product should have a significant amount of leverage when he is eligible to sign a contract extension after the 2024 season.

Purdy has one fewer year of NFL experience than Lawrence but is much more accomplished.

The 49ers quarterback has a 17-4 regular-season record and is 4-2 in the playoffs, and he earned Pro Bowl honors in just his second NFL season. He also ranked at the top of several league metrics in 2023, including yards per attempt (9.6),  yards per completion (13.9) and passer rating (113.0).

Lawrence has a 20-30 regular-season record and is 1-1 in the playoffs, and received one Pro Bowl nod. His only league-leading stat during his three-year pro career occurred during his rookie season when he threw an NFL-high 17 interceptions.

Lawrence’s lack of success is part of what will make negotiations between Purdy’s reps and the 49ers even more challenging, considering the two-year pro just led San Francisco to the Super Bowl.

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