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The veteran outfielder for the New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton, frequently draws the attention of observers and fans alike because of his ability to rocket balls high into the night sky in addition to his penchant for occasionally swinging at pitches in the dirt. Stanton is still a valuable commodity for the Yankees because of his raw power, even though he has shown some regression in recent seasons.

Analyzing Stanton’s 2024 Performance

The 34-year-old veteran experienced a notable dip in performance in 2023, marking it as his career-worst season with a batting average of just .191 and a slugging percentage of .420 across 101 games.

Despite hitting 24 homers and driving in 60 RBIs, his wRC+ of 89 classified him as a below-average player for the first time. However, the 2024 season has seen a resurgence of his characteristic power, ranking in the 100th percentile for bat speed and 99th percentile for both average exit velocity and barrel rate.

While his whiff rate and strikeout rate remain concerningly high, Stanton has adapted his approach at the plate under the guidance of the Yankees’ coaching staff, who have encouraged him to be more aggressive.

This strategy has resulted in a hard-hit rate of 53.8%—the highest since 2021—and a barrel rate of 19.2%, his best since 2019. Over 63 games this season, Stanton’s stats include a .238 batting average, .488 slugging percentage, 17 home runs, 40 RBIs, and a 122 wRC+, indicating a significant improvement over the previous year.

The Yankees Need Stanton to Remain Healthy

Despite his prowess at the plate, Stanton’s defensive contributions have diminished, making it crucial for him to maintain his health to continue impacting the game with his bat. With a contract that extends until 2028, including a $10 million buyout option, Stanton’s role with the Yankees seems secure, though the emergence of young talents like Jasson Dominguez and Spencer Jones may eventually influence his position on the team.

Stanton’s ability to deliver in clutch situations, particularly with runners in scoring position—boasting a .269 average and .537 slugging percentage—remains a key asset for the Yankees.

His performance in these key situations will be critical for the team’s success in the postseason, indicating that even if his aggressive batting style may need to be adjusted, his inclusion in the lineup is still essential. Maintaining Stanton’s health and making the most of his talents will be crucial as the Yankees play on in their quest for a championship run.


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