July 20, 2024

UFL team that's become toast of the town after Rams' NFL exit and playoff  heartbreak - Mirror Online

The St. Louis Battlehawks stole the spotlight as they made it to the UFL playoffs, a feat that came nearly 10 years after the Rams and NFL bid their farewells to the city.

In an unforgettable match last Saturday, the Battlehawks secured their home playoff position with a narrow 13-12 victory over the San Antonio Brahmas, thanks to the robust backing of a 34,379-strong crowd at The Dome at America’s Center. The second quarter proved pivotal for the Battlehawks when they managed to amass a 10-0 lead.

Even though the Brahmas rallied in the third quarter to reduce the gap to 10-6, the Battlehawks maintained their stronghold, securing a hard-fought one-point win. This exhilarating match made them front-page news in a city starved of playoff action since 2004.

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With St Louis recovering from the aftershock of their NFL exodus following the Rams’ relocation back to LA, the city is buzzing with excitement. The headline in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch read: “Thank you, Battlehawks”.

When the team moved to St. Louis in 1995 saw a lease agreement being signed, assuring that The Dome at America’s Center would rank in the league’s top 25 percent.

However, having only filled 80-85 percent of the stadium’s 67,000 seat capacity over recent years, actions were deemed necessary.

The Rams franchise and the city of St. Louis went to arbitration over the issue, with the arbitrators siding with the Rams allowing them to break their lease.

In January 2016, the Rams filed for relocation, eventually returning back to LA after leaving the city in 1994 to head east to St. Louis.

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