July 14, 2024

Louisville first responders are at the scene of a crash on the Clark Memorial Bridge in Kentucky, which spans the Ohio River, after a semi-truck crashed through the bridge’s guardrail barrier and dangled over the water. Louisville bridge rescue caught on camera

The initial crash was reported around 12:15 local time. The truck was moving northbound on the bridge when it apparently crossed the lane and crashed through the bridge’s guardrail, according to local reports.

Dramatic video shows a first responder being lowered to the semi truck from a ladder in order to lift the driver to safety.

The trailer of the truck could be seen wedged against the beams of the bridge, stopping it from falling into the water below. The hood of the truck also popped open and could be seen hanging from the truck’s cab.

The truck’s trailer and cab, which remained intact during the rescue, carry the name “Sysco,” a food distribution company.

A spokesperson for Sysco praised the first responders for their rescue.

“Sysco is enormously grateful to rescue services and law enforcement who quickly and safely resolved the accident on the Clark Memorial Bridge today,” a spokesperson told Fox News Digital in a statement.

“We are thankful our Sysco colleague is safe and thank the first responders for their courageous efforts rescuing our driver. Safety is a priority at Sysco, and we are cooperating with the law enforcement investigation.”

Officials said that a motor vehicle collision led to the truck crossing lanes and ultimately crashing through the guardrail.

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