Howard Stern recently declare his divorce

Howard Stern And His First Wife Alison’s Vicious On-Air Fight Set The Stage For Their Mysterious Divorce

Listeners of The Howard Stern Show were given a glimpse into the arguments that may have contributed to his divorce from Alison Berns.

Howard Stern’s first wife, Alison Berns, was with him since his university days. Unlike his second wife, Beth Ostrosky, Berns witnessed the radio legend’s rise to stardom. And, for the longest time, it seemed like she would be the only woman to share in his incredible success. But come 2001, their multi-decade-long relationship came to an end.

Why Howard Stern Doesn't Talk About His Divorce On His Show


Stern has been criticized for his touching relationship with his current wife, including by Bill Maher. Mostly because Stern is a hopeless romantic. In some ways, he’s always been that way. After all, he was exclusively with Alison Berns for years before their split. But their relationship may have been brought with conflict. At least one extremely vicious on-air fight on The Howard Stern Show seems to suggest this…

Howard Stern And His First Wife Alison Berns Got Into A Brutal Argument On His Radio Show
Howard Stern fans seldom heard from his now ex-wife Alison Berns while they were married. Not only did she rarely call into his radio show, but she almost entirely remained out of the spotlight as she raised their three daughters. But on April 10, 1995, Alison Berns absolutely let loose on her then-husband on his radio show.

Their vicious on-air fight might have set the stage for their divorce. At the very least, it added further insight into why their marriage didn’t go any further. While there were some minor on-air discussions about their 2000 separation and 2001 divorce, Stern has mostly been respectful of Berns’ privacy. Nowadays, he rarely brings her up or speaks about what went down between them. However, Stern has stated that his focus on his career may have contributed to their divorce. Alison Berns’ comments to Stern on April 10th, 1995 seem to add legitimacy to this narrative.

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