SO SAD: Joel Osteen Made a Devastating Statement After Being….

Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen has reacted to critics who branded him a hypocrite for telling his followers to enjoy the ‘simple things’ in life even if they don’t ‘have a lot of resources.’

The 61-year-old televangelist continued to preach on X after he was slammed for telling people money will not bring them joy while he lives in multimillion dollar mansions.

Osteen said he is not giving his haters ‘the time of day’ and his positivity and faith prevents him from ‘paying attention to the negative.’

‘The Scripture tells us to guard our minds. Be selective of what you allow in. If the thought is negative, discouraging, bringing worry and fear, do yourself a favor and don’t let it in. It’s not complicated; don’t dwell on it. Don’t give it the time of day,’ Osteen said on Tuesday.

He said in another post: ‘When your mind is filled with the positive, there’s no room for the negative. When you’re full of faith, praise, gratitude, believing for the best, then when the negative comes, you won’t pay it any attention.’

Osteen was under fire for a June 26 tweet that declared ‘It’s the simple things in life that bring us the most joy,’ and that those who ‘may not have a lot of resources’ are ‘blessed’ as long as they have their health. If you’re able to ‘look at the stars at night’, you’re blessed, he said.

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