NOT AGAIN: Neil Diamond Breaks Down In Tears As His Wife Announce Divorce Again…

Neil Diamond’s divorce was one of the most expensive in music history, but he felt his ex-wife was worth every penny.
Despite losing money, Diamond was glad his ex-wife was financially secure for life, showing maturity and generosity.
Diamond eventually remarried, showing a willingness to try again and embrace love despite past challenges.
Celebrity divorces can be tough to handle.

Not only is it plastered all over the media, but divorces themselves can be very expensive. Harrison Ford was involved in one of the most expensive divorces in Hollywood history. However, Neil Diamond’s divorce proved to be even more expensive than Ford’s.

In the following, we’re going to take a closer look back at Neil Diamond’s divorce with ex-wife, Marcia Murphey. The settlement was an expensive one.

However, fans were very surprised by Neil’s reaction to it all. We’ll reveal what the artist had to say, while also putting the spotlight on why Diamond decided to remarry years later after the divorce.
In addition, we’ll end things off by taking a closer look at his current marriage.

Let’s get started.

Neil Diamond Revealed His Wife Was Worth Every Penny After The $150 Million Settlement
It proved to be one of the most expensive divorces in the history of the music industry. At that point, Neil Diamond was bringing in a cool $14 million and above per year.

Factor that in, along with 25 years of marriage, it was going to be an expensive divorce for Neil Diamond. Marcia Murphey filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Unlike others in the past, Diamond had a surprising reaction to the settlement. He said, “(she’s) worth every penny.”

Upon first finding out about his diagnosis, the musician was in complete denial before accepting it.
Despite losing a ton of money, Diamond was content that his ex-wife had enough money to last a lifetime. “She got enough to live on for the rest of her life.”

He continues, “I did feel bad. I don’t have many feelings about my divorce now because it was 20 years ago.” Diamond added that he kept in contact with his ex over the years for the sake of the kids.

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