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Howard Stern’s Workplace Rules Paint A Complicated Picture Of What It’s Really Like To Work For Him

‘Hollywood Howard’ is what Howard Stern’s old-school fans call him nowadays. This is because the extremely wealthy radio host has pivoted from his shock-jock persona to having a cleaner image. This creative change has been in the works for over two decades and has allowed Stern to sit down for interviews with some of the most famous people in the world. Stern even interviewed President Joe Biden, which is something that would have never happened in his politically incorrect old days.

But Stern’s pivot isn’t the only reason his old-school fans criticize him. While Stern was once ‘the man of the people’, he has since become an A-list celebrity who has some pretty strict demands for his employees. This article will delve into all the rules his Stern Show staffers have to follow.

Did Howard Stern Underpay His Staff?

Prior to Howard Stern getting an assistant, producer Gary Dell’Abate (Ba Ba Booey) was responsible for stocking up his office washroom with baby wipes. Same thing applied to when Stern was out doing an appearance. Dell’Abate knew his boss had an affinity for the wiping tool as it got him “cleaner” than toilet paper.

Nowadays, Stern’s assistant ensures that his travel bag, home, and office bathroom all are stocked up with baby wipes.

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