July 14, 2024

Pastor Osteen and Victoria spoke to the crowd about the importance of love and God in a relationship.

He told the crowd of his relationship with his father and how he took over the Lakewood Church with hopes of continuing the church his father built. And he did just this, growing the Lakewood Church from the 90 people who attended during his father’s time to the 40,000 that attend each week now.

Pastor Osteen says he was successful because God is in control.

“God is working behind the scene…you don’t know what is inside. You may not see anything, but don’t let it fool you, because God is working behind the scene. He continues His work in the believers, “Pastor Osteen said.

This is the transition into understanding God has to be in control of all your relationships. And when his father passed away, Pastor Osteen, unsure of how he would live with the loss, again let God lead the way.

“If you stay in faith, God will open doors, if you go through lost love one, or lost job, easy to think there is never be a great day…” Joel cried on the stage.

I thought I will never be as good if my father is there, I want to encourage you that you life does not end, God still have something great for you to do…I know God you still have something great in my future, you stay faithful, then later will be better than former.”

Pastor Osteen’s wife also took the stage, reiterating his preachings and telling the crowd how she has grown in the 22 years she has shared a life with her husband.

Continuing the thoughts of growing relationships, she told the crowd you cannot always expect to agree in a relationship, but that with work, you can make a good relationship happen’ “truth is not about gazing into each other’s eyes, but gazing into the same direction.” she said they look for everything to God, the perfect God.

Pastor Osteen spoke to the crowd about “Living a life as a healer.” He talked of looking for the good in people, helping others and spreading the ministry by giving love to others.

We are not the judge, he said, but rather we can be someone’s miracle, a good Samaritan by showing how we are full of God’s love.

The Hillsong Conference champions the cause of the local church and offers topics for all ages. The conference attracts over 25,000 people every year, from different denominations and churches. It is hosted by Hillsong pastors, Brian and Bobbie Houston.

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